About the author

Luke Scott is a former newspaper journalist, who splits his time between Launceston and Hobart in Tasmania.

As a cadet reporter at The Examiner Newspaper he helped cover the 2006 Beaconsfield rock fall which trapped miners Todd Russell and Brant Webb, and which killed their workmate Larry Knight.

Luke now works as a media advisor in Tasmania’s local government sector.

He is related to Eden Aloysius Hills, who was killed in the North Lyell mine in 1912.

  1. Brian Bullen says:

    Hi Luke, wow…. you just knocked the socks off a crazy Canadian, congratulations on your Book, “Brimstone” I will order a copy for sure !! I will send along a copy of your site to Andrew and Justin.

    Cheers from the Great White North

    All the Best with your New Book !!
    Brian & Cheryl Bullen

  2. Phil Evans says:

    Hi Luke, are you heading to Queenstown for the Commemoration activities this Friday 12th ?

  3. Jon says:

    Great read and great links to broader events and issues happening in Tsmania and globally.

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